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Account Limitations: What You Need to Know


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

Tell me why if you have refunded with paypal in paypal balance by mistake y are you trying to take from my bank i have no money i canceled with my bank because you keep trying to take money i dont have i h8 leaving it all for u to sort out when ur doing it wrong safe whats safe about have account wiped out when you have not bought anything and your happy to help yourselves but you fone anything to catch the theves like send a copy of invoices to the police so they can trace and arrest the crimminals

Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

Have been paypal member since 2010. 

Suddenly got my account permanently limited without any reason. Never infringe trademark or copyright and i only have one account. 

I also found and assumed that paypal permanently limit account that connected and receiving payment from Redbubble. i had made survey in my group and each of them got the same issue. 



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Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

me too T_T same reason 

I had to change my payment at rb from PayPal to ACH 

and change new PayPal in others website 

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Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

Hi Sir,


I don't see anywhere for submit information. I called over 4 times and no reply. I send an email over 5 days but no reply too.


Click resolution center see this "You can no longer use PayPal".


Please advise me how?


Thank you and looking for the reply.




Removing limitations

 If your PayPal account is limited, here’s what happens:

  1. We’ll email you to let you know –  we’ll ask you to log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Centre for details on how to resolve the issue quickly, usually by providing information.
  2. Once you’ve submitted the information required, we’ll review and reply via email.
  3. We’ll remove the limitations once we have verified your account. At times, limitations can be removed by simply changing your security questions and password.

Here are the types of information and documents we may need from you:

- Supplier’s invoice with contact information

This helps us determine the inventory source and validate that you have the items that you’re selling in stock.


- Payment information

When an invoice is unavailable, we’ll review the following information about your payments:

  • The item or service that was sold
  • The buyer’s name and shipping address
  • Proof of shipment to verify that an order was delivered

- Shipping or Tracking information

This helps us to verify that customer orders are being fulfilled.


- Proof of business
This provides evidence of a valid business registration and business ownership.


- Information for India sellers
This is to comply with our India regulatory obligations. Provide a valid PAN, a local bank account and the purpose code in your PayPal account task board.


- Proof of address such as bank statement or utility bill, Proof of identity such as passport or driver’s license
This helps us verify your identity when there is unusual account activity or to comply with regulations.


Once you’ve submitted your information, look out for any more emails from us as we may need additional details. We’ll do our best to confirm your information and remove the limitation within 2 business days, but sometimes it can take a little longer.


Quick Tip: If your PayPal account is limited, don’t open a new account. It could be traced back to the limited account.  It’s always best to resolve the limitation. We will guide you through it and restore full access to your PayPal account as quickly as possible.




Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

my money was hold for 180 days, My Paypal account get limit access, 
Paypal investigated team said because I got paid from Redbubble and Redbubble was sue (ps. about $70 I got paid from RB) But they hold my whole $1900 without any clearly reason. 

The agent said everybody who got paid from RedBubble will be hold money like me. 
After that I have ask other seller ( or artist ) on RedBubble about their Palpal account, They said their Paypal Acc is OK so far. 
Why agent told me like that ?

My money come from many website with legal ways. As for my works on Redbubble doesn't violated any copyrights. It's not suppose to be
so I would like to know why this is only happen to me ? Why you hold and limit my account without any reason at all. That don't make any sense.

This is my money please release my whole money and account back to me.

Agent don't allow me to verify myself or explain anything, don't require any documents otherwise I willing to do every ways as I can. 
they said only I can do is waiting. 
But I can't wait because I don't have any bucks to live for now. and I don't do anything wrong.

Please help me this is a big trouble, I feel like this is not fair to me. Because I don't do anything wrong yet PLEASE.

Paypal was always trustable, 
Please don't ignore customer problem,
You need to fix this issue.

please help.


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

As I have reached a certain limit of money going into my Paypal account for my business,Paypal has put my account on hold: “Your account access is limited. To view and resolve the limitations that have been applied on your account, you can visit the account limitations page.”


So I upload the documents. Nothing happens for two weeks. I then write asking, and I get what basically is an automated reply: That I need to upload documents to resolve the situation. However, I cannot upload anything. Whenever I go to "Resolve" on my account I only get the message: "Thank you for providing the required information. We’ll get back to you within a few business days." This is now over a month ago.


I complain (twice) to Paypal but they send me the same email again: saying I have to upload documents to resolve the issue, even though I tell them I cannot upload any documents as my account still states: "Thank you for providing the required information. We’ll get back to you within a few business days." So I am stuck in a loop which Paypal is not helping me to get out of. No help on website. No answer to my community post. No emails from Paypal.


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

try the facebook page, they are quicker at dealing with things

you will prob get a robot at first just ask for an actual person


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

same problem copy past 


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know



 My account has been limited for probably a week now, I've lost track of when I first noticed. 


 I've uploaded docs and answered questions but have not had any further communications from Paypal other than the annoying automated replies to emails. I think customer service has disappeared here.


 At least I don't appear to be the only one... but its beyond a joke how long this is taking! 


I'm getting very frustrated as I have funds (over £100) I can't access and payments bouncing because I have paypal set as a default payment for things like Netflix and PSN. 

So it's making my week hell and all I seem to get are automated responses and not real people. 


 Sorry to rant, but I've had enough this week, and it's only Tuesday! 


 If paypal wasn't so integral to my ebay etc I think I'd go somewhere else.... not that there is another option I know of!


Can I charge Paypal for my missed payments? I think not.

Can I charge Paypal for missed ebay purchases? I doubt it. 

Can I charge Paypal for lost interest or theft of my money? Hmmm.... 


Very very annoyed. 


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

Try the Facebook page ask to speak to an agent
They are quicker than waiting for reply mails