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Account Limitations: What You Need to Know


Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

This doesn't help at all due to there NEVER being any "tasks" to complete. My account is a personal account at that.

Re: Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

Hello you have permanently banned me from using PayPal without going thru your steps that you show you follow here on your site.

I did not get an opportunity to even know there was a problem . I woke up and got a nasty note saying I could no longer use your services because I  

violated your use policy . I have no idea what I violated.  You say on your site that you have a resolution center and we get to go in and find out if our account has been compromised or hacked you have not even given me a chance to find out what the heck is going on I do not sell anything.

I had some online company rip me off a month ago and now you are banning me  permanently and not even letting me find out what it is all about this is very unfair at not a very nice way to run a business. The least you should do is follow your own steps that you state you give your customers before 

making a final determination . You are not the law . You have your facts wrong.