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Account Limitations? Is anyone there?


Account Limitations? Is anyone there?

Such a small temporary limitation, just to upload my photo ID Which I've done the second I got the email notification to do so... but it has been 3 days...


and I know that PayPal can take this down if I just call them since its a very small limitation to just verify identity but I have no way of speaking to them due to this whole COVID-19 Ordeal shutting everyone down... I don't get how the system can place that limitation but I can't have anyone review/remove it?


I've messaged them multiple times on the message center and I can't really get a response which I understand due to the circumstances... 


but is like no one working at all? I work from home obviously. so this is really really stopping my business!?! 


Every dollar I get is being held as well... even though I got a email saying im an "established seller"? and that they won't be on hold anymore... but still are.. 


how can I make this limitation go away faster? 


Please help. honestly im trying to feed my family of 6 and since this whole ordeal everyone is having.. I don't think there should be any limitations on anyones account. I understand due to security and them trying to make sure its me and not fraud. which I appreciate. but that if this was a normal business bank account I could call. confirm and go on with my day... 


Please 😞 


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Re: Account Limitations? Is anyone there?



From a pop up when you go to the FAQ via help............



Due to the coronavirus emergency (COVID-19), our telephone lines are currently closed. You can always view the answers to frequently asked questions on this page or send us a message , however response times may be longer than normal. Thank you for your patience.

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