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Account Limitation


Account Limitation

My account limitation issue has become very confusing. I have done all I needed to do. I saw a notification transaction on my account that I have been debited the sum of $1.95 required to verify my card. But the system is not accepting the four-digit code attached to my Card when I tried to use it to remove the limitation on my account. I do not understand what next I need to do at this point. The issue is holding me down seriously to pay for the service I want.

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Re: Account Limitation



Are you adding a visa credit card which is the only funding source you can use in your country?

If the card you tried to add was not a visa credit then it would not confirm and your $1.95 would be refunded back as un-used after 30 days approx as that is country dependent + add on the time for your card issuer to process that refund. 

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