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Account Limitation


Account Limitation



How are you guys doing today?


Recently I got a message from PayPal that my account's been restricted for a significant change in my account's activity.


I understand that because I sold a couples of items on eBay more than usual. That is as a result of the reduced price I listed the item again.


Now the problem is, I have uploaded all the required documents. Except one, which is the invoice.


I source my items locally and here in my region, things are not as advanced as other part of the world. I only have a written slip as a confirmation and I had to pay in cash, I would have present the evidence of electronic payment had I used that.


But because of how things are here, I have to go with cash.


Now, I am stucked.


Is there a way to get PayPal to ask for maybe another document I can get?


or what is the possible way out?


Thanks in advance.