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Account Limitation, I can't resolve the issue


Account Limitation, I can't resolve the issue

I have this message on my account:


There’s a problem with your account. Be sure to resolve it to restore full account access.


They are asking me for my ID, that I can use my passport, but they are asking me a proof of address.

I don't live in the US, but I do use a Package forward service from Miami (the address that was on my account) to Panama (where I live).


What can I do? If I don't live there, what proof of address can I use?

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Re: Account Limitation, I can't resolve the issue

PayPal is serious about their policies. Somewhere in there says: You can only use PayPal in the country where you are currently living or you can only open a PayPal account to a country where you also have a billing address in there.


If they put it in there, they mean it.


It would be hard for you to remove limited account if you have no proof of address as indicated in your PayPal account.

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Re: Account Limitation, I can't resolve the issue



Paypal is country specific so you have to open a paypal account in the country you reside in and add an address / phone number / and bank accounts from within that country.

You are supposed to withdraw any funds / resolve issues / remove cards and bank accounts before you leave your old country. If you don't then you may have problems doing so once you have moved.

The only exception is U.S expats can add their bank accounts to other countries paypal accounts (paypal is a U.S company so they allow their citizens to do this).

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Re: Account Limitation, I can't resolve the issue

The same thing. PayPal is most expensive and worse of services I have ever used. No customer service at all. My money is frozen on PayPal and I am unable to send it anywhere or purchase anything.