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Account Limitation EVERY FREAKING DAY

New Community Member

Account Limitation EVERY FREAKING DAY

Literally EVERY time I try to use my PayPal account to do absolutely ANYthing, EVERY time PayPal puts a limitation on my account. I have LITERALLY had to "provide information" in order for the limitations on my account to be lifted EVERYFREAKINGDAY for the past THREE days - and I've had to do it a couple of times over the past week, previously. This is absolutely ridiculous. The limitations were literally JUST lifted AGAIN, TODAY; and now my account is now limited AGAIN!


I have to submit/provide the required information to PayPal now, AGAIN, & wait for them to review it and restore full access and use of my account. This is absolutely ridiculous. Anytime there is ANY activity with my PayPal account, PayPal limits my account. I don't even use PayPal to sell anything, and that's one of the primary forms of verification information PayPal keeps requiring from me! I literally only use it to send and receive money with friends & family, buy & sell crypto currency, or to make online purchases. This is insane.


I'm seriously considering just deleting my PayPal account and switching over to Venmo exclusively, and use a different exchange or wallet for crypto. This is just nuts.


Has anyone else ever experienced this before?? What else could I do? Anything? Or is it just finally time to end my relationship with PayPal, after almost 15 years....?!