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Account Limitation - Customer Service Limitation

Account Limitation - Customer Service Limitation

After many years of use with no issues, my account has now been randomly limited pending me sending Photo ID and Utility Bill (!). I read previous discussion on this, emailed for more information thru the website (no response), and finally called Customer Service to discuss - not expecting much based on the prior discussion. I was not disappointed. Customer Service will not / can not explain in detail why the account is limited and does not seem to be able to contact the rest of the organisation. They could not explain what happens to the personal info (except that it goes to the Compliance Team who don't have phone number and can't be contacted and will not contact customers) and will only provide a mailing address (ie for letters) to the legal dept who may or may not reply to questions.


As anticipated, they will not cancel the account - only freeze it - which doesn't give me much more confidence as they still have my credit card details.

I asked to speak to Mr John Donahue or Mr Dan Schulman (my usual tactic with awkward organisations), but they don't use phones apparently.


I offered to show my ID etc on Skype as a one-time look but that was refused, but will not be sending this type of personal info to Paypal. I don't recall anyone else in the financial world asking for this type of info. I don't mind showing my driver's license to a motel clerk, but they don't make copies or retain the info.


I asked for a copy of the company policy that explains the link between any government regulation (eg Canada) and their recent emails informing me of the account limitation, but that was refused too. The supervisor just said the email I had received was all they could say. The conversation did not end well as you can understand, so I don't know my current status.

Can anyone recommend another organisation that performs a similar service and that know what Customer Service means?


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Re: Account Limitation - Customer Service Limitation



There are lots of payment processors, try google it will give you a list.

Whether your buyers want to use them is another matter though.

And not many sellers accept other payment methods as paypal seems 'at the moment' to have the monopoly.

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Re: Account Limitation - Customer Service Limitation

hi i all so have this problem with Account limitations iv been waiting 5 days for it to be unlocked and iv used paypal for 10 years and never had this happen till now it doing my head in