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Account Hacked / No Easy way to contact support

New Community Member

Account Hacked / No Easy way to contact support

First and foremost i want to know WHY is it so difficult to contact you guys? As a customer i should be able to contact you guys via email at the least as your call center has it's timing of when it closes and people cannot file complaints anymore. I tried contacting via Facebook, but your annoying automated msging system keeps asking to click on FAQ.

Now to get to the point, my account literally got hacked with it's email changed and bank account information changed. I would really like to know how this was possible considering PayPal is so safe with user's privacy? Why wasn't i informed to approve the change first through my email or through phone verification? I have the screenshot of the email that my account was changed to. Literally the only email you guys sent me was of my email and bank details changing without asking me to approve first. I cannot tell you how frustrating this WHOLE ENTIRE scenario is.

Starting with it being so difficult to contact you guys with such an unfair issue and then not being able to file a complaint to you guys without logging in first whereas my account is hacked and i cannot even log in to it. Why isn't there an easy way to contact you guys? Why is there no direct email support? Why do i need to go through signing in from a whole other PayPal account JUST to inform you guys that i have been "hacked"?

Please inform me the soonest possible as how my account can be retrieved back and the other user banned from PayPal and it's services entirely.

Thank you.


Re: Account Hacked / No Easy way to contact support

Get use to it - this is Paypal. Absolute shambles of a company. It won't be the last time its hacked you can count on that !