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A buyer is trying to do a fake dispute

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A buyer is trying to do a fake dispute

Hi everyone. I’m looking for help with a fake dispute claim from a buyer. I sold a game code from the website steam to a buyer last month. Now the seller is trying to claim back the money, but I know the code has been redeemed. PayPal have now told me that they have taken the money out of my account and have also taken a chargeback fee out of my account as well. How can I dispute this when they won’t let me get in contact with PayPal, I have the proof that I sent the code over eBay and proof that the code has been used. The buyer is claiming that the purchase was not authrorised by them but now I am left without the game code to sell, which I know they have redeemed. I got a friend of mine to try redeem the code, but it said that it was already redeemed elsewhere. I think it is unfair for PayPal to try and take the money away from me as well as leaving me with nothing to sell. As far as I am aware, the buyer has provided no proof that the purchase was made without authrorisation. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Re: A buyer is trying to do a fake dispute



If its a ''chargeback'' then its not a Paypal dispute, the buyer has gone directly to their card issuer as they must have funded their paypal payment that way.

So the card issuer makes all the decisions and if you lose then you pay their processing fee as well.

Normally if you met all the requirements of seller protection paypal would reimburse you BUT there is no seller protection for virtual / digital goods, you can sell them but at your own risk.

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