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A Joke

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A Joke

So three years ago I created this Paypal account for my business that I was starting up and used a nickname. "Zippy Zuul". Two days ago they suspended and fully restricted my account with my money inside it asking for me to prove who I am. 

I sent Passport, letters from the Government, birth certificate and a council tax letter and a bank statement. They have still restricted my account telling me I will get my money in March 2021.

After several chats with them over several phone calls I still haven't had much luck, I lost my wife to covid last week and I am left with 2 young children. 

The money in my account was to go shopping last night/ this morning. 

I told them my case and all I got back was have a nice day.... I am suicidal because of this but they are acting like total cretens. I ask to speak with a manager was told I can't speak to managers. Was told it would be today if I sent an email requesting it, fobbed off and fobbed off.

I have no contact my lawyer who has said they have 24 hours to give me the money or I will sue. Absolute disgusting behaviour from this company.