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$59.99 for shipping cost $67.80


$59.99 for shipping cost $67.80

A dispute case i have that the seller is going to give me my refund 0f $59.99 because they sent me a cheap ugly doll instead of a pretty doll they had advertised. The will only give me my refund if I pay to have it shipped to Malaysia which will cost me $67.80. Thats not fair I will be out even more money

they should pay to have it returned to them and still give me my refund. What do I do to get my money back from this scammer

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Re: $59.99 for shipping cost $67.80

I have the same issue- I paid $72 to a scam company that used someone else's clothing photos and mailed me junk. They are not even real clothing items. They want me to mail them back the items to China to receive my "full refund." I went to the post office today and it will be $56 to mail the junk back. I tried to reach Paypal this afternoon and was unsuccessful. It is ridiculous.