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$50 locked away from me


$50 locked away from me

Hello, i need help, so i was trying to buy a gift card that was worth $50 from my card to my mother to deliver to her email from, the card worked fine with paypal before however this time it did not, so i instead transferred money to my mom's email, which did work but you need a bank account to put it in there so i made a paypal account for my mother which she doesn't have any idea how this works but i was trying my best to get this gift card for her. the $50 was successfully put in as her PayPal Balance which should work right? nope it hasn't, I tried paying for the gift card with the paypal balance on her paypal account i created for her and it refused to work, a few minutes later the account all of a sudden says there is unsual activity on the account and locked me out. It said i needed ID to continue, so I uploaded a picture of my mom's passport to verify its her, but that only worked for about 5 minutes, i had access back in the account, i tried one more time to buy the gift card and to my surprise it failed once again and then after the unusual activity screen pops up again I wasnt able to do nothing at all. I couldn't upload ID or anything, once i clicked the "secure account" button it would usually say to upload ID but now it says "We couldn't confirm this is you" and now I'm locked out of that account with the $50 still stuck in it. Great... I need help! 


Re: $50 locked away from me

Hi @adam801,


   I'm sorry to hear about this and can understand your frustration with being locked out of the account. If you're still unable to access the account, please contact customer service directly for assistance. To contact customer service please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter.