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$363 lost in a transaction between United Airlines and PayPal

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$363 lost in a transaction between United Airlines and PayPal

Folks, maybe somewhere out there can assist. I paid for a set if flights via Paypal, somewhere that payment got lost, and neither United nor Paypal will assist in finding what happened.


On September 23, 2019 I purchased tickets for flights on United Airlines round trip from Baltimore, MD to San Francisco, CA for my daughter using my Pay Pal Account. 


On September 27, 2019 United airlines informed me that my “credit card company” (i.e. PayPal in this case) did not approve the transaction. Also, on September 27, 2019 I set a note to <Removed> requesting their help in understand why. No response was received.

On October 1, 2019 I opened a case requesting PayPal contact United Airlines to find the discrepancy regarding this issue. That is, I paid for this ticket via PayPal; United Airlines apparently did not receive the monies.

Apparently also on October 1, 2019 the PayPal case   was closed not in my favor. Noreason was supplied.

On October 2, 2019, United informed my I must provide an alternate for of payment for the flights in  question;  I paid for these flights in question via an alternate means (credit card).


1. For some unknown reason, United Airlines did not receive my payment via PayPal for flights -- it apparently was "refused" after the fact.
2. I requested PayPal contact United Airlines via a case.
3. The aforementioned PayPal case was “denied” with no explanation.
4. The flights were paid for via an alternate means (Visa card).
5. PayPal owes me the amount I paid for the flights, $363.30. Paypal refuses to assist.

Any ideas? Thx! 


Re: $363 lost in a transaction between United Airlines and PayPal

Hi @hpage66,


I am sorry to hear of the troubles you are having, Since we were unable to assist you with this, it sounds like the incorrect claim was opened for this. I would suggest reaching out to our customer service for further assistance. You can call, send a direct message through Twitter or send a private message through Facebook.


I hope this helps.






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Re: $363 lost in a transaction between United Airlines and PayPal

I've had the same problem with Delta airlines I purchased tickets using PayPal. PayPal says order has been placed and authorized on same day. Called Delta and transaction won't go through. I have plenty of credit so that isn't the issue. 

I would avoid using PayPal for anything other than rubber bands from a reputable company. They refuse to help and good luck talking to someone.


Re: $363 lost in a transaction between United Airlines and PayPal



What creditcard was this original charge linked with? Do a chargeback with that card.


If payment was approved originally and PayPal said that tickets were issued, ask them for proof of ticket numbers. If no ticket numbers are attach to that transaction,then your tickets were not issued. 

Kudos appreciated..
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