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2 years i have been held on hold


2 years i have been held on hold

I have an issue. I have a personal account I opened around 2018/19. I used this PayPal account to receive donations from my fans through ko-fi. I did not connect my debit card in tge beginning and just used the PayPal account to pay for stuff online. I reached the spending limit and had to connect my card. Paypal informed me that the name I have on the card and the name I used were not the same, since I used my nickname which was Boubeto -kun. I was informed by PayPal that if I change my account to business, I could change my name to my real name. But to do that i had to send pictures of my ID and a cover letter. I did this. Then I kept recieving mails from different people at PayPal to: send my ID and a cover letter, then stating that the ID name and the PayPal name were not the same. Now it has been 2 years, 1000 euros is still frozen in my account and I cannot even get to contact PayPal via text or telephone or mail. I just want my money. I can not even close the account or transfer it. I just want my money back and have it over with. It has been a 2 year struggle so please help me.
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Re: 2 years i have been held on hold




If the name on the account is not a name that was ever your legal name, it is not likely that a name change will be possible. Names can be changed on an account in the following circumstances:


A legal name change

A minor misspelling

And in the case of an account for a registered business, a change in the designated contact for the company.


Changing from a fictitious name (or, as in your case, a name unrelated to your legal name) to a legally recognized name is not something that is supported. If the account is not currently limited, you may wish to close the account and open an account using the correct information.

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