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EBAY and PAYPAL issues nobody helps to fix

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as subject says, im in the middle of two companies that being blame each other, i was doing an ebay purchase enough money on my pockets everything went smooth Until a refund were made, but seller/Buyer never ask for them, we are in shock and now money is lost in space for 30 days or more, ebay purchasing is still open but can´t complete or close because money are lost


the current issues is , purchase item still is on process not finish yet because the REFUND were done, it won´t be until 30 days but what happen with purchase of item , are there will wait for 30 days or what ?? very disappointing with this two companies , they blame each other and anyone take care of customer,

ebay case : 21-05473-22774  paypal transaction : 99K4689724306354G

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