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Phone number isnot supported

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I am here to try to solve my friends problem but iss not able to post this due to not logging in sucessfully tto his account. 


My friend created his paypal account in the US and linked his US number. A few months ago he is overseas currently in latin america. Yesterday he tried to log in to his account  but for security issues paypal asked to validate a code sent by sms to his number which he could not receive due to him being overseas. Then after activating roaming he found out that his phone number got caancelled as he was outside the country for two long. When logging in we tried to click the option of "add phone number" but any number ffrom any country including the US, pops an error describing the phone number is not supported. What could we do? he tried calling but in the country where he is, the phone operator rejects the call


Phone number isnot supported

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 Que sucede con este Empresa? no responden o son IMPOSIBLES de acceder con llamado, su menú es demasiado arcaico, y sus funciones tecnológicas tienen por lo visto, pésimo pésimo pésimo soporte técnico. Hasta cuando sres Paypal debemos poder ser asistidos en una Empresa de tanto "prestigio" como el que ustedes han logrado en el mundo? Yo tengo mas de 2 años con problemas en otra de mis cuentas, por que no permitió confirmar mi identidad, y ahora en esta cuenta, no puedo recibir un #$$%/%""# código ? !!!!!
What happens with this company? they do not respond or are IMPOSSIBLE to access with a call, their menu is too archaic, and their technological functions have apparently, terrible, terrible technical support. Until when, Mr. Paypal, should we be able to be assisted in a company of such "prestige" as the one you have achieved in the world? I have more than 2 years with problems in another of my accounts, because it did not allow me to confirm my identity, and now in this account, I cannot receive a # $$% /% "" # code? !!!!!



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