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Paypal account nationallity. Is it possible to change it without closing my old account?

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I have the same Paypal account since 2007, the account was created long before 2007, but was inactive and I started to use a little more from that year.

The point is, at the time I make my account (from the Dominican Republic) there was a problem to register my actual location, don't remember the exact reason: Paypal list of countries don't included mine for the time of creation of the account; or no one make deliveries strike to D.R. in those days and I have to use a forwarder service based in the U.S., so Paypal assumes my forwarder address as my own (and nationality).


The problem:

May be since 2012 or something like, Paypal keep notifying me "There’s a problem with your account". they asks for a prove of my address/nationality, and even for a SSN.


Along years I have several times sended scanned documents (driving license, personal ID card, copy of local invoices, scholarship's certificate, I think a resume some time, and so on), the message "There’s a problem with your account" never disappears from Paypal's notification area.


The last option I attempted was a cellphone verification code, the same, have tried it several times with no results, may be because my phone number don't match the local area of my address (but lots of people around the world have phone numbers out of their local areas, all those business travelers are itinerants, in fact most of them ton't do any business in their own living areas).


The question(s):

1. Is there some way to actually clarify my location/nationality to Paypal or the US Government without having to close my old Paypal account.

2. In the worst of cases, if there is no way to achieve it, is it possible, once closed my account, to create a new one using the same E-mail address.

3. Is there some way the phone number verification can work, and let me receive it's verification code.


Along the years a have received any help from Paypal with this problem, I hope some one in this community can help.

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