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I can't receive payment on my ecommerce error, genericError?code=VFJBTlNBQ1RJT05fUkVGVVNFRA%3D%3D

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i have an ecommerce setup at woocommerce, i use the official standard paypal payment plugin or checkout smart buttons, and i live in colombia.


i have made payment tests through the sandbox and everything works correctly.

but when I go to test in live mode, let the customer enter the paypal credentials, in fact it manages to appear the name of the person and then simply refuse payment and this message appears:


"Lo sentimos, pero no podemos completar su compra en este momento
Regrese al sitio web del comercio y seleccione otra forma de pago."


the url shows this error:   genericError?code=VFJBTlNBQ1RJT05fUkVGVVNFRA%3D%3D


I have really searched by all possible methods, and have not found a solution, I contacted the paypal department and have been waiting for 2 months for an answer.
i have set up a button to receive donations (on a trial basis) and it doesn't allow me to receive donations either.

i have come to the conclusion that it is due to a problem with the account but nobody answers, someone has passed the same thing to him?, someone has solved it?

I would be very grateful if someone could shed some more light on the matter.






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