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Personal Information and Notification Settings


Personal Information and Notification Settings

Hi PayPal Community!


Starting this week we have released new features to help you manage your personal information in the community.  The entire PayPal team is committed to the privacy and security of our customers.  We are happy to provide additional controls to our community users to help them understand what data is stored about them in the community.


As a reminder, we do not permit the posting of personal information in community posts.  Please see our Community Rules & Guidelines for more information.  If you see a community post containing personal information, please report that to the moderator team using the "Report Inappropriate Content" option located in the little three dots menu on each post.


Personal Information

The option to view the personal information stored about you in the community is now available. 

 Click here to view this in your Community preferences 

  • This page enables all community users to see all the personal information stored about them in the community.  A text file containing all the information can also be downloaded.
  • From the same page, each user can also download a copy of all their community posts.


Close Community Account

If you wish to ensure that all of your personal information has been deleted from the Community, there is now a Close Community Account option.


Please note this option is permanent and once your community account is closed, you would not be able to reopen it.


Click here to view the Close Account page



Community Users with Closed PayPal Accounts

PayPal Community accounts are separate from standard PayPal accounts. But an open PayPal account is required to login to the community.


As the community can only be accessed by people with an open PayPal account, there may be situations where you have closed your PayPal account but would still like to use one of the new features mentioned above.


In these situations, please contact PayPal Customer Support for assistance.  Please provide them with the email address on file in the closed PayPal account that is linked to your community account for reference as well as your username in the Community.



Reminders regarding community email notifications

All community users can manage the email notifications they would like to receive from their Community Notification preferences.


Additionally, any system generated emails sent by the community will also contain a link to update your email notifications or unsubscribe from all email notifications.  It is not required to log in to unsubscribe from all email notifications.


Common community email notifications include:

  • Notifications of new posts on topics, labels or boards you have subscribed to.  Manage your subscriptions here
  • Notifications when someone in the community @mentions you in a post.
  • Notifications when you receive a new role or badge in the community.


Thanks for your participation in the PayPal Community! 😄




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Re: Personal Information and Notification Settings

I agree to all the rules listed.


Re: Personal Information and Notification Settings


Re: Personal Information and Notification Settings

I agree to the rules and guidelines. Thank you!