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How do I reach customer service?


How do I reach customer service?

The PayPal Community Help Forum is great for finding answers to questions from other PayPal customers, but sometimes, you just need to have somebody look at your account to find the right answers.


How do I contact Customer Service?


If you would like to contact PayPal Customer Service by email or phone, we recommend doing so through the Contact Us section on the PayPal website.


The easiest way to contact our Customer Solutions team is to go to .


You can also find a link to this page by looking at the bottom of any PayPal page.




Once you have reached the Contact Us page, you will see options to search our Help Center information, Call Us or Email Us.





Where can I find the phone number to PayPal Customer Service?


After following the steps above to reach the Contact Us page, click Call Us, then click Call PayPal Customer Service .




The next page will ask you to login or click Continue to be provided with the correct phone number.  What's the benefit to logging in before receiving the phone number?  The benefit is that we can provide you with a One Time Passcode  which will help save you time with our phone routing system.  If you're not able to log into your account, choose the Continue button on the right side.




The next page will display the contact telephone number and Customer Service hours for the type of PayPal account you use and your country.



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