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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Welcome to the PayPal Community Help Forum!


The PayPal Community Help Forum is a venue for members to assist other members, and is not an avenue to reach customer service.  If you require immediate assistance, assistance directly from PayPal, or account specific information, please contact customer service.


To get started, create a unique handle.

  1. Click "Log in"
  2. Enter your PayPal account email address and password
  3. Decide whether the PayPal Community may access your PayPal profile info. (We ask permission to view certain pieces of information to help the Community answer questions more accurately. Different countries and account types may have different features and permissions. You may decline and still participate in the PayPal Community.)
  4. Enter a name that will be used as your "handle" or "user ID" in the forum
  5. Read the Community Help Forum Agreement
  6. Click "Agree and Create Account" to complete your registration

Don't forget to upload your Avatar!


To upload your picture:


  1. Log in to the community
  2. Click on "My Profile"
  3. On the right side click on “View Image Gallery”
  4. Click on “Browse”
  5. Select your picture
  6. After it’s uploaded
  7. Click on “Preferences”
  8. Click on "Avatars"
  9. Click on "Use gallery images"
  10. Click on your picture

The image has to be smaller than 333K -  Inappropriate images will be removed.


In the "My Settings" information box you can:

  • Edit your Profile
    • Add personal information
    • Change the image
  • Set your Preferences
    • Time zone
    • Number of Discussions per page
    • Number of Posts per page
    • Image displayed
  • Contribute
    • Start participating in the community by looking for threads to answer!


Search for a specific topic using "search" or "advanced search."  You can also navigate and view the various boards by clicking on their title, then clicking on the title of the topic you want to read.


Start a new thread by clicking "Post a Topic"



Use the "More Topic Options" drop down to:

subscribe or unsubscribe to a Board

keep your favorite threads at the top by clicking "Float this Topic to the Top"



Reply to a post by clicking "Reply".


If you find the post helpful, use the thumbs up to give it a kudos!


Add a tag to help others searching for the same information.




Use the "Options" drop down within a thread to:

subscribe or unsubscribe to a topic

flag a post for a moderator if a post or topic violates a Community rule or guideline.

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