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Cancel payment already debited

PayPal Employee

Cancel payment already debited



One of our partner (MongoPay) is following up on the topic below. Would it be possible to get an answer regarding this issue?


Thank you




We have some inconsistency between the state of some payments on our side and on the paypal side.
Example :
Payment Paypal Id = PAY-6PA56201KR451591YLEQYL5Q with Token=EC-445976066C349804M : this payment was created on 05/21/2017 at 12:20:05.
At 12h:42:18 we were called at the Cancel url , so we canceled the payment on our side.

The problem is that this payment was debited in the paypal side as if it was approved and executed. How can this happens ? How can a payment being executed while we were called on the cancel url ?

Can you please investigate this case and provide us with useful information as to why this could happen : is it a bug on paypal side or some glitch ?
Can you tell us how can we prevent theses cases from happening as it is not the only case (I can provide you with other examles upon request)

Best Regards,