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Rules and Guidelines

PayPal Employee

Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the PayPal Community Help Forums! 


The PayPal Community Help Forum is a venue for members to assist other members, and is not an avenue to reach customer service.  If you require immediate assistance, assistance directly from PayPal, or account specific information, please contact customer service. 


Another community member is not an employee and is providing assistance to you as a fellow customer. PayPal employees will post in the Community from time to time, but they will always be marked as an employee.  This is noted by the PayPal logo next to their user ID.  Here's an enlarged version of that icon:


new P.jpg


Courteous and respectful posting is expected of all participants.  Please remember that all community members are here voluntarily.  If another member has taken the time to ask a question, answer a question, or provide new information, they are doing so on their own time and are looking to you as a fellow community member to respond appropriately.


Posts that do not meet the courteous and respectful criteria may be removed.


To view the PayPal Community Help Forum User Agreement, please click here.


There are circumstances that may result in your post being removed, warnings, removal of permissions, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the Community.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to:


  • Including your own or another person's contact information, physical address, email address, full name, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information in a post
  • Including profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, disruptive or hostile comments, interpersonal disputes, or threats of violence in a post, tag, or private message
  • Uploading inappropriate avatar images
  • Making repetitive posts
  • Excessive thread "bumping"
  • Inappropriate use of tags
  • Posting Feedback outside of the "My Feedback for PayPal" board
  • Advertising of any sort (including merchandise, auctions, services, commercial web sites, referrals, offers to trade, or "wanted" posts)
  • Soliciting donations or fundraising
  • Using JavaScript or active code in a post or otherwise taking actions that interfere with site operations. If you are participating in the PayPal Bug Bounty Program, please request access to our test board here. Request Access. Include "Bug Bounty Request" in the subject of your message.
  • Posting Web addresses (URLs) or Web Sites in the title of a threaded discussion
  • Attempting to circumvent or circumventing filters
  • Attempting to impersonate PayPal staff or other members
  • Refusal to follow moderation team instructions
  • Repeated misuse of the "Report Inappropriate Content" or other escalation drop-downs
  • Posting or discussing listing reports or member violations
  • Posting about or discussing post edits, post removals, warnings, suspensions, member bans, or other actions taken by the moderation team
  • Including material (graphic or text) that is obscene, pornographic, or adult in nature

  • Circumventing an existing suspension or member ban
  • Encouraging others to violate the PayPal Community Help Forum User Agreement, policies, or the PayPal User Agreement
  • Posting material that in any way violates the PayPal Community Forum User Agreement or the PayPal User Agreement
  • Posting as a customer when you work for PayPal, PayPal subsidiaries, or PayPal partners.  All users working for PayPal must be designated as employees in the community.
  • Registering for a PayPal community account using a temporary email address service.  We do not permit community accounts using throwaway email services to help combat spam and fraud.

If you encounter a violation of any of these rules, please report it to the moderation team for review.  To do this, select "Report Inappropriate Comment" from the "More Options" drop down at the bottom of the offending post.  Please do not use this option for any other purpose.

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