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Cannot determine paypal account status

New Community Member

Cannot determine paypal account status

We have a marketplace website based on CS-CART, which has a module to integrate the marketplace with Paypal for adaptive payments (module developed by Simtech). For the primary merchant account, I set up an adaptive payments account with Paypal, linked a bank account and credit card and apparently this should be all good to go.

I plugged my Paypal credentials into the CS-CART module and then tried to verify a vendor paypal account. However, I get the error:

"Cannot determine Paypal Account Status"

The vendor account is also verified as far as I know - with a linked bank account and credit card. I don't even know if this error relates to my merchant account or the vendor account. I actually think it's the vendor account.


CS-CART always tell me to approach Paypal for a solution, so not much help there. I have called Paypal support multiple times but they never give me a straight answer. On this occasion, they redirected me to various support forums.


Any help in the right direction would be massively appreciated.