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when can i start to use paypal

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when can i start to use paypal

hi, i made my account and verified everything (bank and debit card) but the paypal wallet says i have no funds, is that a seperate payment option and if i buy something will it come straight out of my bank/ card, and can i use paypal straight after i made and verified it? 

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Re: when can i start to use paypal

As a buyer you never need funds in your PayPal account balance. 


PayPal will take direct from your bank account via the direct debit set up when you opened your account. 


When you pay if you want to pay via your card instead their is an option to do so by clicking on "other funding options".


As long as you have confirmed your email address and verified your bank account and card you should be good to go. 


Come back if you need any more help. 

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