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Hi All

I would like to advise the community about Swoggi.

Sadly I have been taken in by what seems to be a widely used dubious penny auction site called SWOGGI. This evening I looked at some reviews all claiminging furiously... SCAM.

I paid through Pay Pal and am disappointed that Pay Pal were doing business with this auction site.  Pay Pal should have been aware.

If Pay Pal cannot intervene somehow, I can see no possibility of getting ANY MONEY BACK.

I paid 2  x £58 = £116 to buy credits for the auction.

Can anyone advise please.

Many thanks






Re: swoggi

Hi there,


Welcome to the PayPal Community.


Have you reached out to PayPal Customer Service directly? Did you open a dispute on your PayPal account?


-David R


Re: swoggi



I too have had the same experience. Swoggi have taken £116.00. i haven't used the credits provided by thi company and have raised a dispute as advised. I've also requested that the money is refunded by PayPal  Buyer Protection. So far, I have had an automated reply from PayPal and an offer of a further pointless 50 credits from  Swoggi, tha I have declined.    I'm more than surprised that PayPal conduct business with this company. Yes, I've been stupid and have parted with my hard earned money. Surely PayPal have a duty of care to investigate companies that they conduct business with and should take steps to protect their customers.  I await a reply from PayPal Customer Services and intend to report this company to trading standards via citizen's advice.  


A bitterly disappointed!