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Your bank has declined the funds transfer.

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Hi, I've been using ebay/paypal since 2007 with no problem but last week I got a  messages that the bank has declined the funds transfer and i realised that i had a new visa card so updated my details on paypal and went through the linking system which has now been processed and my new card is on paypal. will this automatically be sorted out now or is there something else i need to do. I havent heard back from paypal and dont know if i can carry on using ebay whilst this is not sorted out. can anyone help?


Your bank has declined the funds transfer.


Hi sarah001, 


My apologies in advance for my long response. I taught it best to put all the information I had in for you. 


An Instant Transfer is an immediate transfer to another PayPal account.


If there aren't enough funds in your PayPal account balance to fund the full amount of an Instant Transfer, we’ll request the remainder from your bank account. If this request fails, we’ll charge the remaining amount to your debit card or credit card. If the attempt to charge your card fails, we’ll try to charge your bank a second time.


If our attempts to charge the remaining amount from your bank/card fails, you’ll have an amount owing to us on your PayPal account. In this instance, your PayPal account's functionality may become limited until your balance is brought to zero or above.


We'll ask you to add money to your PayPal account to bring your balance to a minimum of zero within 7 business days. Adding money (or receiving a payment) can resolve this.


You can choose from one the following options to add funds to bring your account to a positive standing:

  • Add money using your credit card or debit card (instantly).
  • Add money using your bank account (5 to 7 working days).
  • Add money by posting us a personal cheque, postal order, or banker's draft (7 business days after we receive your payment your balance will be updated).

Here's how to add funds to bring your account to a positive standing:

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Click ‘Resolve your negative balance.’
  3. Choose how you want to add money and click ‘Continue.’
  4. Verify your information and click ‘Continue.’
  5. Click ‘Add Funds.’ 

I do hope this helps 


Your bank has declined the funds transfer.

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hello! I just want the address to send a postal order to Paypal to fix my account..........

Your bank has declined the funds transfer.


Hi there angasurmor,


For cheques,postal orders or bankers drafts:


Payment should be made it payable to: PayPal

You will need to write your email address (the one you use to log in to your PayPal account) in the memo area





Send to:

    • PayPal Europe
    • P.O. Box 9473
    • Dublin 15
    • Ireland

Hope this helps,



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