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Subscriptions using Paypal = don't bother.


Subscriptions using Paypal = don't bother.

I purchased a subscription for web hosting three years ago and activated auto-renewal with them. This reflected my payment method with Paypal. Last month, I decided to cancel the subscription as I had no other use for it. The company let me cancel, everything is fine.


All of a sudden I check my bank account today, and I'm looking at 4 NSF fees of $40 each, totalling $160! (This is because I went on a little end-of-school online shopping spree; but these were charged by e-check today all at once, along with the website renewal.). What the **bleep**? I later find out that I was supposed to not only cancel the service with the company -- which would be the only thing you'd THINK you'd need to do -- but cancel with Paypal!


So they charged me the $100+ to renew my subscription, putting my bank account in the red plus owing the bank $160 in overdraft fees. Luckily I call my bank and they generously offered to cut the fees in half, but I'm still left with $80 to pay... something I do not wish to pay with my university funds.


I'd like to know how we are supposed to think of cancelling the payment with Paypal? It's highly inconvenient. Ultimately I would love to be compensated for this, but I know that won't happen.