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Rhaposody Refund Issue

New Community Member

Rhaposody Refund Issue

I keep recieving e-mails from Pay-Pal saying that there is a refund from Rhapsody waiting for me.

However everytime I click on the link to get the refund nothing happens in my account.


Does anyone know how this works.

I tried  e-mailing Pay-Pal but the return e-mail says that they don' reply to e-mails.




PayPal Employee

Re: Rhaposody Refund Issue

puglover -


It sounds like Rhapsody may have sent your refund as a payment, rather than as a refund.  The reason it would be pending is because your email address is likely not yet confirmed.  You'll want to add the email address you received the email at to your PayPal accont (if it has not been added already), and then confirm the email address.  To do this, go to Profile > Add or Edit Email.





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