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Pending Order?

P_L Contributor

Pending Order?

Hi there, I recently made attempted a large purchase through paypal.


At first, it wouldn't let me so I tried to pay directly with my credit card. I couldn't get the order through directly with my card, so returned to my paypal to find it HAD went through (somewhat) and the payment is "pending". I cannot cancel the order or remove my credit card number from paypal now.


I contacted the website with the special order number enclosed within the "pending" paypal payment, and they say they have no record of the transaction.


Basically, I tried to make a payment, the payment is stuck pending, and the vendor says the transaction did not happen. As far I know, there has been no payment on my part.


I think part of the problem may be that my account is not validated. Would validating my account help?


Help please?

P_L Contributor

Re: Pending Order?

On top of not being able to remove my credit card now, I am unable to dispute the transaction, as it is saying the Transaction ID is wrong. I am even using the "find id" option on the dispute form.


Someone please help me!