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I have the product & the unclaimed payment

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OK here's the deal  On Oct 14 2011 I made a Ebay purchase  and  AS requested by the seller Paid  for the item the same day  using paypal

. After several Weeks i emailed the Seller Asking Where the product was,  NO Response.

A week later  the package arrived in the mail .  Great right.

I noticed in my paypal account the payment was unclaimed  & once again emailed the seller asking if he  was going to claim the Money NO Response.

I  received a email today from Paypal Telling me they put the unclaimed money back in my Account    And to Contact  the seller to make Alternate payment .

So I again emailed  The seller now Im getting return mail  Email address no good   its the same email address he has on eBay .

So I got the product and I got his money and no way of contacting him   what do i do ??


I have the product & the unclaimed payment

PayPal Employee

danm0802 -


First of all welcome to the boards, and second, thank you for being an honest buyer!  It sounds like your seller may not realize he or she has an outdated email address on their auctions.  I would recommend asking them for an updated email address by shooting them a message via the eBay messaging system.  Once they provide the correct email address on their PayPal account, use the Send Money feature to manually route it over to them.


Thank you again!



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