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multiorder shipping is gone

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multiorder shipping is gone

Opened a second acct last week. Can't find any button for multiorder shipping. help!


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Re: multiorder shipping is gone



It is on the Summary page, under Seller Tools.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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Re: multiorder shipping is gone

The 'multiorder' tool is totally gone as are most of the tools under 'all tools'

Will this get fixed or is some big self inflicted computer problem never observed by a human tech? There is no useful contact for a 'live' chat.


Re: multiorder shipping is gone

I cannot find this either. Did you get answers?

Hello @DeborahSmith, @Ivan80210, @Taterbug2,   Thanks @sh...

Hello @DeborahSmith, @Ivan80210, @Taterbug2,


Thanks @sharpiemarker for getting the thread started on this one! We appreciate your expertise and all you do. 



Multi-Order Shipping is under Tools, you just have to click "All Tools" first. If you still don't see it after clicking "All Tools," click the "Run your business" link on the left hand side. Once you find it on that next page, you can Favorite it by clicking the Heart icon next to "Open". Marking it as a favorite will make it reappear in your drop-down when you hover over Tools. Hope that helps!


Have a great day, everyone!!


 - Jon K

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Re: Hello @DeborahSmith, @Ivan80210, @Taterbug2, Thanks @sh...

Still can't find it. In fact, the word "Tools" is nowhere in my profile or anywhere!