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automatic postage added to sales from my website


automatic postage added to sales from my website

HI for 15 years I have run my own little website on the side, every time I have a new product I average the postage cost for the different parts of the world and put three buttons on each page such as this:
1. Item UK
2. Item Europe
3. Item world.

each button would have a different postage price where I would average for the world, take a hit if the sale was to Australia, but  a small profit if it was  world zone 1 ( Japan, USA, Canada)

But now because of some madness in the USA  since July 2020 there are now 3 different zones for the world with USA being zone 3 most expensive.

I am sick of creating individual buttons as it is, so is there an easy way for me to just scrap all buttons on my website.

Just have one item button on each of my pages and have PayPal work out postage cost dependant on where the buyer lives ?

I assume within my button I must assign weight and size ?
Best and thanks for any pointers