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USPS Shipping Label Refund


USPS Shipping Label Refund

Hi all, 


I voided a USPS shipping label within an hour of creating it - this was over a month ago. PayPal suggests it can take a "maximum of 21 days" to have the cost of the label refunded. A month+ later, I have yet to see this refund. I've asked about it multiple times and haven't heard anything from PayPal. It seems like others have experiences significant delays with this - how long did you wait? What did you do to ensure you received the refund? 

This certainly makes me hesitant to utilize PayPal for shipping labels in the future. 


Re: USPS Shipping Label Refund

I am having this same issue. I have two of them I cancelled immediately over a month ago and have yet to get the refund they total over $100 so it would be nice to have back. Have you heard anything?