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Shipping: Paypal Canada vs. Paypal USA

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Shipping: Paypal Canada vs. Paypal USA

I am treasurer of an international club, and we have officers and members all over the world, though we are domiciled in the USA. I noticed that if one has a Paypal Canada account, you can use a small business account set up with Canada Post to mail domestically within Canada as well as internationally all over the world--complete with any necessary customs forms. This sounds like a perfect small business solution.


In the USA we seem to be limited to domestic USA shipments only.


As I'm only 25 miles from the border, it would be so easy to just haul my packages across and ship them from Canada instead of the USA, particularly when the Canada Post international rates are way less than similar services through the USPS to identical destinations.


Have any of you with a "Paypal USA" merchant account ever tried to set up a Canada Post account to do something like this?