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Problem with Invoice


Problem with Invoice

Hey all,


I have an issue with an invoice. I'm a composer, and at the beginning of August I sent off an invoice to a client for a piece of music he had comissioned from me.


Recently I noticed a payment had been 'pending' for about a week, and also saw that this invoice for the music 'needed attention'. Apparently it's expecting me to calculate shipping costs and pay them?


This has never happened before. I send my files to my customers online so I've never needed to ship anything.

I feel that this outlying issue is why I have withheld payments now, but I can't resolve it since there's nothing to send.


How do I sort this? Should I just calculate the lowest shipping cost and pay a few pennies just to get rid of it? Or is there a way to cancel it without needing to refund my clients payment?


Thanks in advance!




Re: Problem with Invoice

Resolved! 🙂