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Printing labels in multi order shipping

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Printing labels in multi order shipping

I cannot print labels from PayPal on my phone at all. Labels that I print from my iPad have  "sample" on them even if it's the actual label  (not the sample).  The only place that it works correctly is from my laptop.  Can someone help? What all I doing wrong?


Re: Printing labels in multi order shipping

Hi Kym45,


Thanks for posting about this issue on the PayPal Community forums. That sounds like a frustrating issue! I'm really not sure why that would be happening. Due to the large number of different telephone devices and prints, I don't really have a good idea as to why that is happening. I would recommend checking Youtube for any troubleshooting techniques other people have attempted.


You can also locate additional articles for PayPal shipping via the following link:


There are multiple links for other helpful articles near the bottom of the page as well. 

- PayPal_Rich

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