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Please if poss help needed

New Community Member

Please if poss help needed

Used a courier service through eBay shuttl (never, ever again I may add) have delivery receipt from courier however no tracking whatsoever and no I could be liable for £120 through. Either fault if myself seller or buyer! Anyone pls any ideas?

Re: Please if poss help needed

Hi Clprankin, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community forum!


In general, in order to be covered under our Seller Protection policy, you would need to ship the item with a tracking number in order for us to be able to track the parcel until it's delivered to the buyer. Not only you would be covered in the case of a claim or a chargeback, but you would also be eligible for an early release of your funds if they're held for your first sales. Only with a tracking number, in fact, you can request an early release after the delivery of the item. 


Here you can find more information on this matter. Also, I would recommend reviewing our Seller Protection policy here


I hope this helps!