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Payment is blocked


Payment is blocked

Hello all, 


I am really confused and, to be honest, annoyed. 

Couple of weeks ago I made a money request to my client. I did it that way many times. But, this time I made a mistake. Instead of making the request for 57USD, I made a request for 0.57 USD. I immediately made a new one for 57USD, as it should be. 

Afterwards, my client instructed me to cancel those two requests and make a new one.... so I did... but, the client still couldn't complete the payment. 


I contacted support, they just said: the issue has been resolved. But it isn't resolved, my client cannot complete the payment. Again I contacted support, they said, the client needs to contact them. Ok, I relayed the message, the client contacted them and still the payment is blocked. 


Anyway, after a while, my client writes to me and says that I have to make invoice requests. What is it?? I don't want that complication, I just want the SEND MONEY REQUEST option to work. Am I asking too much? 

Did anyone else have a problem with this? 


Thanks in advance

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Payment is blocked



just for this time, try with a buy or pay now button, its not as detailed as an invoice and almost just as quick as it is to make a money request. export it as an email link.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Payment is blocked

It's ok now... after many insistent messages to the support... they finally gave in.