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PayPal website interface looks different/weird and not letting me print shipping labels


PayPal website interface looks different/weird and not letting me print shipping labels

Hello, I was wondering if anyone also recently experienced this issue. On Monday, I was still able to print shipping labels with ease and the PayPal website looked and worked normal. On Tuesday, the summary would usually say "NEEDS ATTENTION" for items I have not printed out the shipping label, but that disappeared even though I haven't printed out that shipping label yet. When I proceeded to print out shipping labels, usually the text would say something like "Shipping Cost" on the left side but that too was also empty and had no text. I then calculated everything and it was fine until I had to pay for the shipping label and it said "ERROR Unable to complete". I refreshed, logged in, and tried many times along these few days but I'm still experiencing the same weird interface problem with the website. I found out that I should use a different payment method so instead of a debit card I used a bank transfer as well as having Ad blocker on. Although I was able to print my shipping labels and turned off my Adblocker, my interface on the website still remains the same. I thought it was PayPal's fault for not letting me print, so I tested this out by transferring money from my PayPal account to my bank account. Usually, it takes me less than 24 hours to process the payment towards my bank but today 24 hours have passed and my money is not showing up on my bank account at all. 


so I guess here are my big questions: 

1. How long does it take for a bank transfer (paying for the shipping label) reflect on my bank account? The payment went through successfully for the payment but I have not seen a deduction yet as opposed to using a debit card which deducts instantly (I printed the shipping labels out today). 

2. Does my PayPal website have technical issues based on what I've been experiencing? Should I contact tech support and where do I contact them? 

3. Is it possible that PayPal is denying my debit card? Usually they accepted payments instantly from my card but these past days they have not (I also tried switching preferences to my bank but the website still looks the same and has the same interface issues). 





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Re: PayPal website interface looks different/weird and not letting me print shipping labels

Hi annapparently,

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.

When you use your bank account to pay the money actually takes 5-7 working days to clear from your bank. The reason the payment completes instantly is that we fund this on your behalf and wait for your bank transaction to can take up to 10 calendar days for a bank transfer to reflect in your bank account statement. 

We currently are not aware of any issues with shipping labels. This may be a new issue that is just emerging or it may be an issue only affecting your device. I would recommend turning off any browser extensions or software like AdBlocker, VPN and proxy when accessing your PayPal account. It is known that some of the browser extensions and software can interfere with our website and it could be displayed incorrectly. 

To provide one of the safest online payment methods, our security program considers a variety of factors at each transaction to keep you safe. For example, if your preferred payment method is your card, we will always try to use your card first for payments. If there is an issue with your card, we may block payments using that card as a payment method. You can change your payment method to a different one, such as a bank account or another card.