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Optional shipping


Optional shipping

I own a small brick and mortar and also sell on Facebook. I am constantly having trouble with customers not being aware that we do not automatically ship your order.  We have a lot of local pickups. I always included in my FB posts for customers to comment if they will need their order shipped. As we know and I am even guilty of everyone don't entirely read posts. This has caused me issues, even customers getting angry at me for not shipping their order, especially for holidays. 
How about an option on their invoice where they can select if they want an order shipped?  Perhaps a preset amount put in by me to be added if they choose the shipping option.  Just a thought and any advice anyone else might have to help with this issue is greatly welcomed and appreciated!


Re: Optional shipping

Hello melboo,


Thanks for reaching out to the PayPal Community with your feedback and issue.


I'd recommend just being as clear as possible on your Facebook page. With customers, communication is key.


Here is a link with a video which outlines the PayPal invoice process:


Here is another link to our Business Resource Center with additional advice about invoices and what to include to better serve your customers: 

- PayPal_Rich

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