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Online invoicing


Online invoicing

Hi. This maybe a stupid question but I want to make sure. I have a personal account, I guess I've used it for my consulting business now and then too. I saw there was a free online invoicing option, I just used it last month. My client paid via check. My question is, do I incur any fee from PayPal or is there only a fee if they pay online with a credit card? Like I said, maybe a dumb question but i've used other online services before and I all of a sudden get a statement at the end of the month with a fee when they said it was free. Thanks.


Re: Online invoicing

Hi @myboyblue55,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


In general, fees are always charged if you receive a payment as 'Goods and Services'. Fees may vary from one account to another depending on multiple factors such as for example, location and currency. You can find more information by clicking 'Fees' at the bottom of any PayPal webpage. 


I hope this helps!