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Invoicing Question - one invoice multiple payees

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Hi! I am new to PayPal invoicing and I need help please! I have a webinar coming up and I want my invoice to remain open so that multiple people can pay the invoice individually. Is this possible? As it is now, a separate invoice needs to be created for each attendee. I want to share link to invoice in my user group and have them proceed to payment. Any workarounds greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Invoicing Question - one invoice multiple payees

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You’ll have to add multiple email addresses in the “To” field OR just make a PayPal “Pay Now” button email link and share it in your user group.


Be sure to click Use specific amount and then leave the amount field to charge for shipping empty. Then disable shipping address requirement if shipping is not required. 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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