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Internal Error Invoice Start Series


Internal Error Invoice Start Series

Every time I Start Series on an Invoice I get an Internal Error notice at the top of the PayPal Page. 

I have tried creating a new invoice with fewer digits in the Number 900

If I Copy and Invoice then Set frequency and Start series , I get this problem. 

If I Create Invoice select the template change the Bill to  and Start Series I get the problem. 

I can Create Invoices. 

Has anyone encountered this ?

On the paypal business portal under help 

I see problem resolution and community links

I do not see where to even report the issue.

On the contact  page it Says Paypal Wants to help you 

Enter more about your problem - this searches for answers (which it does not find) and thats the end of it

So how do you tell them about your problem :)?



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Re: Internal Error Invoice Start Series

I’m also having this problem since last night. It didn’t use to do that before. I’m assuming it’s a system glitch. I have emailed customer service but I have yet to receive a response.

Re: Internal Error Invoice Start Series

Hi @MaconComputer and @doremimi18,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing a technical issue with invoicing. To report a technical error, please visit this portal and log in to submit the issue.


I hope this helps!




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Re: Internal Error Invoice Start Series

What is the resolution for this problem?  I am experiencing the same problem.