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I am trying to do a mail,label and am getting an error message

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I am trying to do a mail,label and am getting an error message



Re: I am trying to do a mail,label and am getting an error message

Hi @Vals1,


I'm sorry to hear that you're seeing an error when trying to print a shipping label. This error can happen for a few reasons. 


First, please check the validity of the address that you're trying to ship to by visiting, under the Look up a zip code tool. The formatting that the USPS uses will be the formatting that should be used for your label.


Another thing to check is to make sure that your own address is accurate and formatted correctly in your account. If any portion of the address is long, it may also cause issues.


You also need to have an instant funding method enabled on your account, such as a credit or debit card. If there are any problems with the credit or debit card on file in your Wallet, that may cause an error.


If the problem persists, try clearing your cache and cookies in the browser, disable the pop-up blocker if it's enabled, check to make sure your Java and your browser are updated, make sure that your internet connection isn't having any issues, and consider trying a different browser.


If everything has been checked and the problem is still happening, please contact customer service for further troubleshooting that a representative can do on their end. To contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for options, or reach out by PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter.


I hope this is resolved quickly!




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