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How to create a good and services invoice

New Community Member

How to create a good and services invoice

Hey guys! How do you create a good and services invoice with paypal?


I show on google it says - to login to your account - click send money, and then select send money to family and friends or goods and services. 


I do not see a send money option when I login. I only see send and request at the top of the page and "send" to the right of the page. When I click send and request it brings up an invoice but I don't see an option for goods and services. It says Goods: Shippable; Goods Pickup/Drop off; Goods Digital Goods; and then service. SUPER confusing!


I am selling items on facebook and the group only allows goods and services so I want to do this correctly. also what is the fee for using this? I would be passing that off to the buyer.


thank you in advance for anyone who can help!