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Funds still ON HOLD with no solution in sight!


Funds still ON HOLD with no solution in sight!

Recently launched an online mountain bike components store and enables PayPal Express checkout as an option. What a giant mistake!

We currently use DHL to ship out all orders, and when ever a customer uses PayPal we promptly enter the DHL Express tracking number into the PayPal transaction details. As the packages are delivered by DHL the status in PayPal never changes from "Shipped". 


I reached out to Support on the Chat and their first answer was that the tracking numbers I've been putting in are invalid, to which I responded with DHL links to show they are definitely valid. The response to this was that I need to get in touch with the customers and ask them to mark the goods as received, which is absurd!! It was then suggested that someone will release the funds for transactions that were delivered 49h ago or longer. I have a number of transactions that fit this criteria, but fund still ON HOLD.


Is it just me or is this completely unacceptable? I will be disabling the PayPal Express checkout option on my store until this gets properly resolved.


Re: Funds still ON HOLD with no solution in sight!

Continue to work with support and continue to get absolutely ridiculous and simply inaccurate reasons as to why funds are still on hold. Now it's apparently because "the shipping address is different on PayPal the delivery address of the tracking information".


This is incredibly frustrating!