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Ebay Shipping Labels - Choosing how to pay


Ebay Shipping Labels - Choosing how to pay

Hello Community!


When I purchased labels from eBay its always charge me from PayPal Balance and never gives me options. Sometimes PPB has 0 and twice its charged me from linked Bank Account which has 0 too, so I have to pay fees to my bank! Why? Because I was not ready for this turn and PP didn't ask anything like it does when I shopping online anywhere...except those labels.

I found on the forum here the same question but its with no answer. I didn't any option on eBay to choose the method...


Anyone here who found the solution?




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Re: Ebay Shipping Labels - Choosing how to pay

I found the location of it but I can't change the Primary Funding Source from PayPal Balance to others. So the best way is to keep the Balance is empty 🙂



If you want to change your  Subscriptions, Automatically billed payments or Installment plan payments go here:



Personal Account:

go to Settings

-> tab Payments

-> button Manage Automatic Payments













Business Account:

go to Settings

-> tab Money, banks and cards

-> in the bottom field Automatic payments click Set Automatic Payments











New Community Member

Re: Ebay Shipping Labels - Choosing how to pay

I am having trouble printing labels from eBay, keep getting I need to update funding source, which I did!! And still keep getting error, can anyone help me?!

Re: Ebay Shipping Labels - Choosing how to pay

Hello @Britt2181,


Thanks for reaching out on our Community Help Forum. I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues printing some shipping labels from eBay. I found an article on eBay's Help Center that might help out a bit. Other than that, since this is a shipping label on eBay's site, I might recommend reaching out to eBay's support over the phone or email for further assistance. Good luck!




- Jon K

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