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Duplicate eBay Shipping Charges

New Community Member

Duplicate eBay Shipping Charges

I recently used the eBay mailing label option for several items I sold on ebay.  In each case, I opted to pay via credit card.  To my considerable irritation, I find every one of these charges has been charged against my PayPal account.  I have paid for these labels once by credit card and again by PayPal.  How did this get **bleep** up and how do I fix it?  


Re: Duplicate eBay Shipping Charges

I have also been charged twice for Ebay shipping charges. Once I signed up for Ebay's Managed Account program, the shipping charges has been deducted from the checking account tied to Ebay and from my Paypal account. Been trying for 3 days to get to talk to a human at Paypal. If this keeps up, I will have to continue adding money to Paypay just to cover the duplicate shipping charges.